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Just a reminder it is always better to put two coats of product.  Also let new asphalt cure for a whole summer season before sealing it.





Pavement Coatings 


Hot Pour Sealants 


Cold Pour Sealants 

Resurfacer II 


Hot Crackseal - RW306P


Cold Pour Crackfiller

Resurfacer II +


Brewer Flex Loop Sealant


Cold HBR Backer Rod

Resurfacer EFR 


Brewer Dura-Fill PL


Gator Patch 

Resurfacer RRM


Backer Rod


Rhino Hide 

Resurfacer RRM +


QuickJoint  Roll



DSF- Diamond Shield


Bituminous Adhesive Pads



Brewer Cote Scuff Tuff





Brewer Cote Rapid Set





Acrylic Cote





Rap Juice










Coal Tar Emulsion





Glenzoil 20 Plus





Tarmax R-100 





RS-44 & RS-44E















Pavement Repair Products


Traffic Sealants & Equipment


Concrete Repair Products

FloMix (Black)   B.C. Inductive Cold Pour Loop Sealant 5 gallon pail    FlexSet 5 Gallon Kit /1 free zip bottle per kit
Poly Flex DS Black   Reflective Marker 2-way    PolyFlex DS Comp
UPM High Performance Cold Patch    Ceramic Pavement Markers   Black Diamond bag
Rhino Hide   Plastic Pavement Markers   Steel-crete modified ceramic cement bag
Gator Patch   Plastic Parking Blocks   Poly Flex Gray
Oil Spot Primer   Symbols Stencil Kits   Poly Flex Dark Gray
Quick Joint        

                                Check with us regarding cleaning products and tools.