Brewer Cote of Arizona has a variety of equipment for rent; Hand Tools and small equipment for sale to suit your needs.


Equipment For Rent

Hand Tools & Small Equipment For Sale

Seal Coat Trailer #22                                                      500 gallon Spray Trailer with mixer and pintle hitch Misc Items to help - Just ask!
6" Trim brush handle
18" Trim Brush
CrackSealing Trailer # 14                                               125 gallon diesel. Gravity flow and pintle hitch 24" Trim Brush
36" Trim Brush
Squeegee 36" Complete w/6ft Handle, - brace kit
Squeegee 36" Replace. Blade only

CrackSealing Trailer # 15                                                50 gallon propane. Gravity flow and pintle hitch

5" Small V Squeegee Handle 1 1/8"
Small V-Squeegee 'complete'
Large V replacement Blade
Sm V Squeegee-Reversible Head 

2 Component Pump # 17                                          

This used for the FlexSet Product or the FlowMix Product and 2" ball hitch


Tack Oil Trailer #30

100 gallon Spray Trailer 

2" Red Small V Squeegee Replacement Blade
3" Black Small V Squeegee Blade
3" Red Small V Squeegee Blade
Tack Oil Brush with Handle

Job Site Trailers For Rent

18" S.B. White Head
#02                                                                                        6,000 gal Agitated & Pump with Step Deck 18" S.B. Orange Head
16" S.B. Steel Broom Head 
#05                                                                                        6,000 gal Agitated & Pump on Flat Bed Asphalt Lute/Rake 36" w/7' handle, complete
Asphalt Lute/Rake Head Only - 36"
#06                                                                                        6,000 gal Agitated & Pump with Step Deck Asphalt Lute/Rake Handle Only 7' Replacement Handle
Torch Set w/ 10' hose
#09                                                                                       3,500 gal Agitated & Pump (Phoenix Area Only) Pour Pot (Little King)
Wheeled Pour Pot
9 HP Optimax Blower

If you have any inquires on the larger equipment for sale please e-mail or call us at  623-931-3728


We can also make you a custom machine, just give us a call.