Brewer Cote Crackfiller Materials

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Just a reminder it is always better to put two coats of product.  Also let new asphalt cure for a whole summer season before sealing it.

Cold Pour Crackfillers (Sealants)


Hot Pour Crackfillers (Sealants)


Cold Pour Crackfiller   Hot Crackseal - RW306P   FlexSet 5 Gallon Kit (Gray)
Gator Patch    Brewer Flex Loop Sealant   FloMix 5 Gallon Kit (Black)
Rhino Hide    Brewer Dura-Fill PL   Poly Flex DS Black
B.C. Inductive Cold Pour Loop Sealant    Backer Rod   Poly Flex DS Gray
UPM High Performance Cold Patch    QuickJoint  Roll   Poly Flex DS Dark Gray
Oil Spot Primer   Bituminous Adhesive Pads   Black Diamond Rock
Backer Rod   Glenzoil     




Tack Oil Brush With Handle   Torch Set w/ 10' hose    
V Squeegee- Handle    Pour Pot (Little King)    
Small V-Squeegee 'complete'   Wheeled Pour Pot (Drag King)    
Sm V Squeegee-Reversible Head Only   9 HP Optimax Blower/ 13 HP Optimax Blower    
2" Red Small V Squeegee Replacement Blade        
3" Black Small V Squeegee Replacement Blade        
3" Red Small V Squeegee Replacement Blade- High Temp        





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